Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies

As luck would have it I had to travel to Rosslyn, Virginia for work this week …… on Labor Day of all days! The building I work in has a Safeway food store in it. Since my employer dropped the ball and didn’t provide lunch as they promised I stopped in to buy a sandwich for lunch.

Being a life long food junky I can’t seem to stay out of the candy, cookie and ice cream aisles. With autumn right around the corner the tastes of the season are showing up on store shelves now. I have always loved all things pumpkin (except pumpkin pie). When I saw the Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Cheesecake cookies on the shelf I knew right then that I wasn’t leaving the store without them.


Pepperidge Farm describes these cookies as “moist, soft cookies made with real pumpkin, cheesecake flavored drops, brown sugar and spices”.

Upon opening the package I was greeted with the robust and inviting aroma of pumpkin and spice. The cookie has a rich pumpkin orange color with just the right amount of off white cream cheese chunks. As I bit into the cookie I found it to be very soft with a chewy texture, the pumpkin and spices are perfectly balanced.  The cream cheese chunks didn’t seem to impart any cream cheese flavor, however, they do taste like white chocolate. Their sweet taste is the perfect compliment to the spice. These cookies are addictive and it took all the will power I could muster to eat only two at a time.

If you are a pumpkin fan run out and get these now, they are limited edition!

Rating:  Well Done   Highly Recommended

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  • Tim

    Great blog! And since nobody in my house eats cheescake except for me, the truckload of these little puppies I’m going to buy TODAY will be safe in my house… then my belly.

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