• Kebab,  Sandwich

    Original German Doner Kebab

    I am very particular with what is considered good Doner Kebab, especially the fact that I spent my Junior year of High School in England, where there are Doner Kebab places on just about every block. This place really fit the bill of what a good Doner Kebab is supposed to be. I am very apprehensive of Mall food. My family and I happened to walk by this spot and were intrigued, I went in just to be curious to see if the food was Halal (which it is 100%). We went in and all of us tried something different and each of us were pleased with our food. I…

  • Sandwich

    Shawarma Sandwich @ Mamoun’s Falafel

    My wife and and I have a tradition of going to Mamoun’s Falafel after the annual NYC Halloween parade. Due to the Covid 19 cancellation last year we couldn’t go. Out of the blue my wife said she was craving a pita sandwich so we fired up Seamless and placed an order. For those who are unfamiliar, Mamoun’s Falafel has been serving high quality, authentic Middle Eastern food since 1971. It is the oldest falafel restaurant in New York and one of the first Middle Eastern establishments in the United States. I ordered the Shawarma Sandwich with is described as “100% lamb made with our signature spices and cooked slowly…

  • Burger,  Chicken,  Sandwich

    Double Chicken Zinger Sandwich @ Tallgrass Burger

    Tallgrass Burger is burger place in Manhattan’s East Village that serves organic, grass fed halal meats . Since it’s Halal my wife can eat anything on the menu 🙂 I ordered the Double Chicken Zinger Sandwich which according to the menu consists of “two crispy and spicy breaded chicken patties with ranch dressing”. It was topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. After a seemingly long wait the sandwich was delivered to our table. It was served open face and thankfully the pickles were on the side (I’m not a pickle fan). The sandwich looked huge, the two generously sized chicken patties resulted in a thick sandwich. Biting into the…

  • Sandwich

    Carl’s Philly Cheesesteak @ Yankee Stadium

    According to my wife she’s been a hardcore Yankee fan since she was six years old. At the beginning of the season Yankee’s pitcher Mariano Rivera announced that he would be retiring this year. So when Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Night rolled around she wasn’t gonna miss it. After entering the stadium I headed straight to Carl’s Steaks on field level. Having grown up in New Jersey, about half way between New York City and Philadelphia, I’ve come to love Philly cheesesteaks and I’ve definitely had my fair share. From Carl’s website, “Carl’s authentic Philly Cheesesteaks start with thinly sliced sirloin steak grilled to perfection. We stay true to our cheesesteaks and…

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