• Burgers,  Soup

    Le Burger @ Le Bon Choix

    Eating halal only you have to travel sometimes to get the quality of food you feel is deserving of your palette. I found Le Bon Choix from a food blogger’s post. I went with my wife and kids. From that original experience until about a year later I have visited this restaurant about 15 times. It is truly a great experience in terms of service as well as the quality of food you receive. You receive authentic French flavors in the heart of Ridgewood, NJ. I enjoy everything on the menu, but what you see here is one of my favorites, it is the Le Burger. A 7oz burger with this…

  • Steak

    Tomahawk Chop @ American Cut

    Hey guys, my next review will be on something I love, a restaurant with a chef I love and meat. This next review is of a surf and turf for two offered at American Cut, now there are two locations but the one I visited was in Midtown. The meat is Creekstone so that is a plus and the chef is Marc Forgione who I think is awesome. Now as you can see from the picture that tomahawk bone itself is huge, but this 40oz steak along with about 2 lbs of lobster with chili sauce is definitely worth the $170 price tag. It fed my wife and I with…

  • Donuts

    Randy’s Donuts

    Hey guys, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Aamir Kadri and I am a big fan of food. Those who know me can visually (yes, visually) and emotionally see that. My love for food has been present from a very young age. I would like to thank Zubair for this opportunity to share my review. I hope I can continue to use this platform to share my love of food with you guys. I wanted my first post to combine my love of travel and food.  I love to travel and try foods from all different areas of the world. I was born and raised in Connecticut and…

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