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Le Burger @ Le Bon Choix

Eating halal only you have to travel sometimes to get the quality of food you feel is deserving of your palette. I found Le Bon Choix from a food blogger’s post. I went with my wife and kids. From that original experience until about a year later I have visited this restaurant about 15 times. It is truly a great experience in terms of service as well as the quality of food you receive. You receive authentic French flavors in the heart of Ridgewood, NJ. I enjoy everything on the menu, but what you see here is one of my favorites, it is the Le Burger. A 7oz burger with this Expresso BBQ sauce which is to die for (by the way they sell the sauce by the bottle if you do get hooked). The burger is done Bocuse style, I definitely recommend it if you have the appetite for it. Bocuse style means they add a crispy piece of chicken skin along with a fried egg.
The other picture is their French Onion Soup, its the perfect compliment for a starter to the burger. It is not as layered with flavor but a good palette cleanser to get you ready for the burger. I certainly love and enjoy the crispy cheese on top, you can literally crack into the bowl and scoop it up with the beautiful pieces of onion.
I strongly recommend this place, and everything on the menu I have tried and truly enjoyed. I have personally taken about 35-40 friends there over my span of about 15 visits, and not one friend had anything negative to say about the food and the ambiance.
I give this place a strong recommendation and a 9 out of 10 rating. When you go to a place and give beautiful and personal messages on your table cover, you know you will have a fun experience.
Rating:  Well DoneHighly Recommended

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