Tomahawk Chop @ American Cut

Hey guys, my next review will be on something I love, a restaurant with a chef I love and meat. This next review is of a surf and turf for two offered at American Cut, now there are two locations but the one I visited was in Midtown. The meat is Creekstone so that is a plus and the chef is Marc Forgione who I think is awesome.

Now as you can see from the picture that tomahawk bone itself is huge, but this 40oz steak along with about 2 lbs of lobster with chili sauce is definitely worth the $170 price tag. It fed my wife and I with ease, and the meat was cooked perfectly with just the right amount of seasoning. The lobster was also cooked perfectly but the only reservation I had was that the chili sauce has more of a kick than I expected. If you guys like spice, well this is definitely the way to go. the ambiance is very nice, but maybe not family friendly, we brought our 5th grader and he was the only child there the entire time we were. I know chef Marc Forgione loves his steak, and this place does not disappoint.

Rating:  Well DoneHighly Recommended

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