Randy’s Donuts

Hey guys, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Aamir Kadri and I am a big fan of food. Those who know me can visually (yes, visually) and emotionally see that. My love for food has been present from a very young age. I would like to thank Zubair for this opportunity to share my review. I hope I can continue to use this platform to share my love of food with you guys. I wanted my first post to combine my love of travel and food.  I love to travel and try foods from all different areas of the world.

I was born and raised in Connecticut and assumed I knew what a donut should taste like but oh was I wrong! I have been to California many times but never actually thought of California to be a big source of awesome donuts. Well once we landed I had decided to actually pay attention and eat the local donuts throughout Southern Cali.

Randy’s Donuts was my first stop and it was based on a recommendation I received.  It was very close to the airport and couldn’t be missed. Well because as you can see from the picture, there is a huge donut on top of the place. Let me tell you the donuts at Randy’s Donuts were amazing. I’m used to Dunkin’ Donuts and other places where the donuts are dense, like a dry cake of some sort. But the donuts at this place were so soft and literally melted the moment it touched my tongue. The donut was also not so heavy so you can easily trick yourself into eating a few. The plain with chocolate frosting was my favorite. You can taste the chocolate with every bite and notice that it isn’t some type of just smeared on cheap chocolate cream, yet is a rich sweet texture which matches perfectly with the lightness of the donut itself. If ever in California and you land at LAX I surely recommend driving a couple of miles or so and make this your first stop.

Rating:  Well DoneHighly Recommended

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