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Double Chicken Zinger Sandwich @ Tallgrass Burger

Tallgrass Burger is burger place in Manhattan’s East Village that serves organic, grass fed halal meats . Since it’s Halal my wife can eat anything on the menu 🙂

After a seemingly long wait the sandwich was delivered to our table. It was served open face and thankfully the pickles were on the side (I’m not a pickle fan). The sandwich looked huge, the two generously sized chicken patties resulted in a thick sandwich.

Biting into the sandwich I was greeted with juicy chicken and crunchy breading. The chicken patties were freshly breaded and made to order. They were spicy and balanced by the ranch dressing. The fresh toasted bun didn’t fall apart. This was hands down the best crispy chicken sandwich I’ve ever had and very filling.

Rating:  Well DoneHighly Recommended

Zubair Hassan is the founder and driving force behind Junk Foody. He is a life long foodie, photographer and technologist residing in New York City.

Zubair is also the founder of App Viper, a software development company specializing in software for Apple platforms.

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