Coconut Donut @ Dunkin’ Donuts

Donuts are hands down my favorite food category. Dunkin’ Donuts happens to be my favorite coffee so I go there daily. And every day I have to fight off the urge to buy a donut. Most days I win the will power battle but on Sundays I give in to temptation.

Being a huge coconut fan naturally the coconut cake donut is one of my all time favorites. Coconut donuts seem to be common place in the suburbs but finding them in NYC is more challenging. When I moved into my current residence in Murray Hill neither one of the local Dunkin’ Donuts sold coconut donuts. One quick online feedback and both started carrying them every day. Now that’s customer service!

At this point you’re probably questioning why I would eat a DD donut when there are all those high end gourmet donut shops in NYC. To be perfectly honest I find them to be overly sweet.

The Coconut Donut is a cake donut with a light glaze and covered liberally with shredded coconut. The glaze did not completely cover the donut but it is enough to keep the shredded coconut on it. The cake was moist and the shredded coconut was sweet without being too sweet like most gourmet donuts. This turned out to be the perfect accompaniment with my morning coffee.

In my humble opinion this donut is worth every one of the 390 calories it adds to my “diet”. If you like coconut this is a must try.



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