Eggs Chilaquiles @ Trace

My wife and I went to San Francisco to attend a friend’s wedding. We stayed at the W Hotel which happens to be home to destination restaurant Trace. I took this opportunity to have breakfast at Trace all four days.

On the second day of our stay I ordered the Eggs Chilaquiles which are described on the menu as being prepared with roasted tomato salsa, crispy tortilla, and queso cotija. I had never heard of chilaquiles before and a quick Google search found “chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican dish of fried tortillas bathed in green or red salsa until tender.”

I didn’t know what to expect from what I perceived to be “breakfast nachos” but wow was I pleasantly surprised. The presentation was eye catching and the plate consisted of layers of tortilla chips topped with tomato sauce, cotija cheese, scrambled eggs, scallions and drizzled with a green sauce. Biting into my first tortilla chip I found it to be crispy even though it was covered with tomato sauce. The roasted tomatoes intensified the flavor of the sauce while the cotija cheese provided a nice pop of flavor without being overbearing. The eggs gave a nice texture and added much needed protein to the dish. I wasted no time demolishing the rest of the plate.

These chilaquiles are outstanding! A must try if you’re dining at Trace.

Rating:  Well DoneHighly Recommended

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