Carl’s Philly Cheesesteak @ Yankee Stadium

According to my wife she’s been a hardcore Yankee fan since she was six years old. At the beginning of the season Yankee’s pitcher Mariano Rivera announced that he would be retiring this year. So when Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Night rolled around she wasn’t gonna miss it.

After entering the stadium I headed straight to Carl’s Steaks on field level. Having grown up in New Jersey, about half way between New York City and Philadelphia, I’ve come to love Philly cheesesteaks and I’ve definitely had my fair share.

From Carl’s website, “Carl’s authentic Philly Cheesesteaks start with thinly sliced sirloin steak grilled to perfection. We stay true to our cheesesteaks and offer the original “cheese whiz” or your choice of provolone or white american cheese with or without grilled onions. To top it off we use only the freshest hoagie roll that is fit to handle an authentic cheesesteak.”


I ordered mine with American cheese and no onions. Just a tip, if you don’t want a cheesesteak that’s been sitting under the hot lights order it without onions. They will cook up a fresh one for you so it’s worth the wait.

cheesesteak cheese

I topped my cheesesteak with some ketchup and took my first bite. The thinly sliced sirloin steak was seasoned and cooked to perfection. The beautifully melted white American cheese was smooth and creamy while the meat to cheese ratio was ideal. The bread was the right size for its contents, soft, fresh and did not fall apart.

This cheesesteak is outstanding and definitely rivals the best cheesesteaks from Philladelphia. Next time you’re in Yankee Stadium make sure your first stop is Carl’s Steaks.

Rating:  Well Done   Highly Recommended


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