Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Munchkin

My wife and I were walking around Greenwich Village after dinner one night when she had a sudden craving for coffee. She only drinks Dunkin Donuts coffee and there happened to be one about a block away.  While ordering her coffee I saw the Pumpkin Munchkins and had to try them.

From Dunkin Donuts’ website, “Pumpkin Donut and MUNCHKINS®: Guests can savor the season with the glazed pumpkin cake donut, which can also be enjoyed as a MUNCHKIN donut hole treat.

pumpkin munchkin

The Pumpkin Munchkins had a brown/orange color and were half covered with glaze.

Biting into the munchkin my mouth was treated to an explosion of cinnamon and spice. The pumpkin taste was muted and could have been a bit more prevalent. The soft cake inside was orange colored and had just the right density. The sweet glaze did a fantastic job balancing the spice.

If you love the “spices of the season” as much as I do these munchkins are for you. And only 60 calories each.

Rating:  Well Done   Highly Recommended

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