• Bagel

    Everything Bagel @ Tompkins Square Bagels

    Today was pay day so my wife and I decided to treat ourselves to bagels. We ordered from Tompkins Square Bagels on 2nd Avenue in the East Village. My go to is an everything bagel, not toasted with vegetable cream cheese and today was no different. Upon unwrapping, the medium sized bagel was very fresh with a good amount of everything seasoning. The bagel was not too dense but could have used a bit more cream cheese. Unfortunately, the everything seasoning was a bit too salty. The vegetable cream cheese had a nice veggie to cream cheese ratio and tasted great. While I’m not a fan of carrots in cream…

  • Kebab,  Sandwich

    Original German Doner Kebab

    I am very particular with what is considered good Doner Kebab, especially the fact that I spent my Junior year of High School in England, where there are Doner Kebab places on just about every block. This place really fit the bill of what a good Doner Kebab is supposed to be. I am very apprehensive of Mall food. My family and I happened to walk by this spot and were intrigued, I went in just to be curious to see if the food was Halal (which it is 100%). We went in and all of us tried something different and each of us were pleased with our food. I…

  • Smokehouse,  Steak

    Halal Smokehouse

    Kanoon is the first Halal smokehouse in New Jersey. I have now visited this place a hand full of times, and it has yet to disappoint. From the staff/service to the ambience to the food, I have had nothing but positive experiences. Located in Paterson New Jersey, it is close enough of a drive from just about anywhere in the tri-state. If you go on weekends, you can see a show as seen in the picture above. Meat is very well seasoned and literally fall off the bone. Plenty of side options and the mint drink is a must. With a variety of meats offered you can come many times…

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