Kebab,  Sandwich

Original German Doner Kebab

I am very particular with what is considered good Doner Kebab, especially the fact that I spent my Junior year of High School in England, where there are Doner Kebab places on just about every block. This place really fit the bill of what a good Doner Kebab is supposed to be. I am very apprehensive of Mall food. My family and I happened to walk by this spot and were intrigued, I went in just to be curious to see if the food was Halal (which it is 100%). We went in and all of us tried something different and each of us were pleased with our food. I then began to do my research and found out that this restaurant is originally from Berlin Germany, and now has locations across the world. The food was fresh and open to the customer to see every step of the preparation process. The meat was tender, the portion sizes were big, and the flavors were awesome. I truly recommend this place to anyone going to the American Dream Mall, or just google and find a location near you.

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