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Enlightened Movie Night

My brother took advantage of the ShopRite sale on Enlightened Ice Cream, $1.99/pint with a minimum purchase of 5 pints. When I visited him this weekend I sampled the Butter Pecan, French Toast and Movie Night. The most unique, original, and intriguing of the bunch was Movie Night.

For those who don’t know, Enlightened is an ice cream maker and bills their product as “a high protein ice cream that tastes as great”. Let’s be honest, at 90 calories per serving and 360 calories in the entire pint this has the potential of being a relatively guilt free, kill it in one sitting kinda ice cream.

Movie Night is “Popcorn ice cream with chocolate bits and caramel swirl”. Popcorn ice cream??? What the heck is popcorn ice cream? I really thought this was gonna be gross … one spoon and I’d be done right? WRONG.

While the ice cream didn’t taste like popcorn to me, it did have a light buttery and salty flavor. Combined with the caramel it had that sweet and salty combination that we all love. The chocolate bits are plentiful and together made for a delicious and surprisingly addictive combination.

Suffice it to say I killed the pint in one sitting. 😮

Rating:  Well DoneHighly Recommended

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